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Author based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In his memoir, China Sings to Me, he explores a nation in the midst of seismic growing pains, and finds the courage to live his own life without boundaries.

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Guild Speaker Series at Cape Cod Museum of Art

The Qianlong Emperor's Obsession:  Creating Art in the Qing Dynasty

Imperial Workshops

Saturday, January 18, 2020


The fourth emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, Hongli, known as the Qianlong Emperor, was a linguist, a prolific poet, and an avid collector and commissioner of art and knowledge. He was a great patron of Chinese painting, porcelain, jade, glass, enamel, silk, and more.  Much of this eighteen-century art was created by legions of artisans in almost three dozen Imperial Workshops, first established in Beijing's Forbidden City by his grandfather, the Kangxi Emperor, more than a century before. 


Learn more about the Qianlong Emperor's art obsession, the Imperial Workshops, and eighteenth-century China in this talk.